our integrated offerings...

include design, equipment procurement, installation, and management services.

Our services are anchored around the value that we create through our delivery of Proactive solutions, Proactive collaboration, and Proactive coordination. As one of the last trades engaged on a project, this approach results in projects delivered on time.

Our expertise in kitchen and dining design provides clients and design partners with master planning, concept development, ideation, and extensive post project support. Our team shepherds projects through all phases, including the stringent health and safety protocols of local county Health Departments, OSHPD, CDPH, and DSA.

During design we review constructibility and provide peer review to aid in the proper and early coordination between MEP trades and the general contractor scope of work. This will help eliminate possible scope gaps and double-ups, as well as enhance construction flow with more efficient processes.

During the build phase we provide a streamlined process to allow us to pivot quicker, improve timeliness of responses, and greatly reduce the submittal turn around time. We do this though our on-site presence, which is the highest in the industry. From bidding to equipment commissioning, our focus remains on being a proactive partner to the general contract.

During construction we do not stop at equipment procurement. Rather, we focus on providing post-construction services that are unique to Premier, including: equipment asset management, equipment training modules, preventative maintenance programs, extensive project startup/commissioning, and an extended warranty service. The resulting custom solutions are key to delivering high-quality projects that are on schedule, on budget and provide ongoing support for the end user.

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